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SIS Payroll is a very simple, flexible and user-friendly Payroll Management software specially made for Indian Market. It takes care of all your requirements relating to accounting and management of employees’ Payroll. SIS Payroll stores complete records of the employees, generates Pay-slips and Attendance Register, Computes all allowances and deductions and generates all Statutory and MIS reports.
It offers very high flexibility in defining various allowances, deductions, leave rules etc. for the employees and all formula for P.F, PF TRUST., F.P.F., E.S.I.C., Profession Tax, Income Tax etc. are definable and changeable at User's end.
Key Features
Designed for Windows (Win XP / Win 2000 / 2003)
Powered Wtih RDBMS Technology ( Ms Access / Ms SQL / Oracle )
Export for Banks ( Power Pay Accounts ) Ready format of ICICI, CitiBank
Compatible with any Time Recording Machine.
Multi User / User Level Access
Minimum User Entry
Multi Company
With Full & Final Settlement.
Statutory Report
Salary Register
ESIC Challan
ESIC FORMS Form 6 & 7
PF Challan
P. F. FORMS Form 3a , 5 ,6a ,9 ,10 ,12a
PENSION Form 6 , 7 & 8
Prof. Tax FORMS
Detail Description
This SIS Payroll is compatible with Swap Card Machines, Accounting Software and ERP Software and an interface can be provided for import/export of data. At present, SIS Payroll is being used by companies with over 100-500 employees and is suitable for complete payroll management.
Import Existing Data:
We can Import your existing employee data (from excel or compatible format) into SIS Payroll which would allow a smooth
switchover. (depending on current data format)
Email pay slips instead of printing them (to group of employee or individually) giving tremendous cost savings.
Leave Calculations
Loan Management
Management of different loans given to employees.
Auto/manual deduction from payslip till full recovery of loan.
Provision of lumsum loan recovery
Monthwise Breakup Report for installments deducted.
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