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'Each Organisation has an individual identity'
Each organisation works on its own philosophy and has its own USP'S.
A website should reflect as a mirror image of the orgaisation. Thus for us, each website has a
different approach.
Initiating a project
When we start working on a project, We start by looking at 2 things –
1) The Industry : We check your competitors websites and industry standard methodology
2) The Orgaisation philosophy & USP's: Our priority is to highligh the organizations Unique
    Selling Point or Main features of products / services / profile of the company.
Creating a Custom Layouts  
We create a custom website layout including Text & Animation highlighting the key features or the USP of the organization. Much care is taken to match the colour themes used keeping in mind the company’s profile & its customers profile.
We offer a few suggested customized options – once approved the website can then be elaborated including data about the organization.
Post Development Procedures
Once created, the website is uploaded to the servers and made available to the general public. Post development activities such as SEO & Online Promotion can follow to make sure the website reaches the audience.
A Complete Solution
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